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FAQ Terminalplanner: Working methods and principles

Which browser should I use for opening the application on the computer?

The application is best opened using Google Chrome, Safari or Edge Chromium. Other browsers aren’t supported and may potentially lead to problems.

What is the correct url of the Terminalplanner?

The direct link to the Terminalplanner is https://apps.portofantwerpbruges.com/apics-terminalplanner or via the C-point portal: https://my.portofantwerpbruges.com.

What if a part of the quay is unavailable for planning shipping?

When the Port Planners are aware of a certain reason/activity that leads to a (partial) unavailability of the quay, they will register this as an unavailability in APICS. This data will be displayed in the Terminalplanner as a red shaded area. As terminal manager you can put certain zones out of service by making a reservation of the type “Other”.

Can I register a planning more than a week in advance?

Yes, that’s possible. As soon as the planning falls within the time frame of 1 week, it will be displayed.

Is there a back-up procedure for a fallout of the application?

In case of emergency or urgent issues, the Port Planners can be contacted by phone. Temporarily you work by the ‘former, old’ method. Send the planning by mail to DKM_LO@portofantwerpbruges.com (Left bank) or to DKM_RO@portofantwerpbruges.com (Right bank).

Can I already plan a ship when the shipping agent hasn’t made a request for berth yet?

Yes, that’s possible, but at that time it is still a reservation. As soon as the shipping agent has sent a correct request for berth, which has been approved by the Port Planners, this reservation will automatically be converted into a valid planning.

Why am I unable to change the mooring side of a planned ship?

The mooring side planned by the terminal manager, has to be equal to the mooring side asked by the shipping agent (unless he has chosen “no preference”). The shipping agent has to register a new request for berth when these don’t match. As soon as the modification has been approved, you can register the correct planning.

How about modifications after the planning has been registered in Terminalplanner?

2 procedures exist:

  1. Modifications done by the terminal: You can still change these yourself in the Terminalplanner. This modification becomes a reservation since it first has to be validated in APICS by the shipping agent. The terminal also has to deliver the modifications to the shipping agent.
  2. Modifications done by the shipping agent: The shipping agent makes the changes in APICS that will be shown in the Terminalplanner. This way the terminal is able to check whether this creates conflicts on the terminal. Once the ship is located at the pilot station, the modifications need to be given to the Port Planner by phone. Thereafter he/she will register the modifications in APICS.

The most up to date status wil be shown in Terminalplanner.

Can I consult additional information regarding the arrivals and departures of planned ships?

All times of arrivals, passages and departures are visible..

Can I plan in the Terminalplanner for the same company but on different concessions?

Yes. You can plan for other concessions as long as you own the rights to them. To plan within the same group but at different terminals, you need to be authorised for these terminals.

Can I work with different planners in the Terminalplanner at the same time?

Yes. You can open the Terminalplanner with multiple users simultaneously for the same terminal.

Can I enter jetty numbers in the Terminalplanner?

Yes, you can. It is the place of berth that has to be entered in the Terminalplanner.

Can read only access in Terminalplanner be acquired for another terminal?

Yes, that’s possible. You can create users yourself and decide who can enter plannings or who can get read only access. Who you add as a user is your own decision.

Can I export a report from the Terminalplanner?

Yes, that’s possible. A .CSV or .JSON file can be exported. The file contains the information per place of berth that was registered in the Terminalplanner.

How do I pose a question or report an issue?

You can address the Port Planners for functional questions, for technical issues please send a mail to our APICS Service Desk: apics@portofantwerpbruges.com


Do you have a proposal to improve the application? Contact the Service Desk via apics@portofantwerpbruges.com