Port of Antwerp


What is it?

With APICS, all the coordinating departments and services have correct, up-to-date information for handling the flow of seagoing ships and barge traffic.

Furthermore, APICS enables various activities and services to be planned, such as:

  • Tugs
  • Pilotage
  • Berthing requests
  • Boatmen
  • Mooring and unmooring
  • Fendermen
  • Laddermen
  • Helmsmen

How does it work?

Via APICS the port of Antwerp is connected to various external, public and private partners. Thanks to direct linkage between the Central Broker System (CBS) and the port's own operational systems, only one application is needed for uniform communication. This ensures transparency of information and promotes a rapid and up-to-date flow of information.

The application uses the latest technology to coordinate the bridge and lock scheduling with the schedules of the various service providers (pilots, tug operators, boatmen, waste collectors etc.).

Who is it for?

Ship's agents and forwarders, pilotage and tugging companies, shipping police and customs, port dues officials, and other logistics players in the supply chain all make intensive use of the APICS desk. This is the external section of APICS.

In addition, APICS has become the main tool for shipping traffic controllers, lock operators, dockmasters and port state control, harbourmasters and dangerous goods operatives.