Port of Antwerp

Berth request (barge)

Used by the barge operator, in the Barge Traffic System (BTS), to request a handling slot with one or more terminals, for containers to be loaded or unloaded. Saves a whole lot of administration work for port visits.

Container barges frequently call at more than one terminal during a single port visit. In order to reduce the amount of administration work, barge operators can request handling times for loading and unloading containers in a uniform way by means of the Barge Traffic System (BTS).

How does it work?

The Barge Traffic System web application acts as a unique planning system for container barges. A barge operator wishing to load or unload containers in the port uses this application to send berth requests to the terminals concerned. A conflict control system alerts the barge operator if the berth requests for different terminals are too close together in time. Once the terminal operator has drawn up its schedule it notifies the barge operator in a uniform way by means of BTS.

Corporate systems can exchange XML messages with BTS by means of machine-to-machine communication.


  • Uniform method for requesting berths and sending back terminal schedules
  • Shorter waiting times for barges in terminals
  • Fewer errors (simple, one-time input and proactive conflict control)
  • Simple, interactive scheduling of call and handling
  • Barge register, terminal information and scheduling information permanently available and up-to-date.

For more information, consult the BTS website or send an email to bts@havenvanantwerpen.be.