Port of Antwerp


What is it?

Bulkchain is a NxtPort initiative, making the breakbulk market in Antwerp digital, more efficient and transparent. The NxtPort platform foresees a secured data-hub with API’s allowing different stakeholders in the supply chain to jointly manage breakbulk orders. Bulkchain was launched in June 2018. A first POC for the export process is available early 2019 with a further roll-out of both the import and export processes throughout the year. Subscribe to the NxtPort community newsletter on http://bulkchain.nxtport.com to stay tuned about product updates.

How does it work?

Bulkchain is available for the export and import processes.


  • Terminal Delivery Order, forwarders providing the necessary information to the terminal and liner agents (available Q2 2019)
  • Terminal Delivery Confirmation, the terminal confirming the receipt of cargo (available Q2 2019)
  • Customs Release Notification, the link with the Arrival at Exit and the Export Manifest Custom programs (expected Q4 2019)
  • Vessel Loading Order, aka the e-Permis (expected Q2/Q3 2019)
  • Vessel Loading confirmation, the release of the vessel and the cargo from the port (expected Q3 2019)


  • Vessel Discharge Order: Identification of the cargo to be discharged at the port (expected Q3 2019)
  • Vessel Discharge Confirmation: The combination of “green lights” to identify the discharge of the cargo on the terminal (expected Q3/Q4 2019)
  • Customs Release Notification: All links with customs for import cargo (expected Q4 2019)
  • Terminal Release Notification: Next Mode of Transports that inform the terminal how and when cargo will be picked up (expected Q3/Q4 2019)
  • Terminal Release Confirmation: The confirmation from the terminal when the cargo has (expected Q3/Q4 2019)

What does it cost?

The project is still in development phase. Please contact NxtPort for more information about the costs.