Port of Antwerp

COARRI - Container discharge/loading report message

Who is it for?

  • Container terminal (sender)
  • Shipping company or ship's agent (recipient)

Extra inhoud

  • Unloaded containers can be collected more quickly by inland carriers
  • Greater visibility

Content of the message

The message can be used for original input (create), but can also be used to change a particular container or even delete it from the report.

Message structure:

  1. BGM (BeGinning of Message): loading or unloading
  2. Identification of the seagoing ship and the UL/Locode of the port of loading/unloading and the code for the loading/unloading location and a list of the parties involved (shipping company, ship's agent, container operator)
  3. List of the containers loaded/unloaded and detailed information (weights, temperature, seal number, damage codes, IMO class and UN dangerous goods number, etc.)
  4. For loading, the message specifies the location of the container (full or empty) on board: on deck or below deck or even the specific stowage location in the form “Bay/row/tier” (BBBRRTT).