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Container Re-Use

What is it?

CONTAINER RE-USE is a user-friendly online application that facilitates communication between the carrier and shipping company or ship's agent concerning container re-use. The transport company can submit a request to a participating shipping company in a uniform way, for an import container to be re-used for an export consignment within the same shipping company. The transport company carries out both the import and the export trips, thus avoiding empty journeys and making transport operations more efficient.

How does it work?

  1. The carrier logs in to the application and enters the necessary data to request re-use of the container.
  2. The request is checked automatically based on the parameters supplied by the shipping company,
  3. The carrier receives feedback immediately.
  4. The shipping company for its part has full information and accurate reporting as regards the material in circulation.

What does it cost?

The shipping company sets the price for re-using a container. The carrier first has to purchase credits, either using a secure payment button within the application or by making a bank transfer. The price per unit for re-use of a container is displayed in the application whenever the particular container is selected. If re-use of the container is approved by the shipping company, then the amount for the container is deducted from the balance in the credit account.