Port of Antwerp

MRN exchange

Used by the "trader at exit" when particular goods arrive on the terminal, to inform the Customs authorities in the port of exit, as required by the EU Export Control System (ECS).

Under the European Export Control System (ECS), the "trader at exit" has to notify the Customs authorities in the country of origin when the goods arrive. In the port of Antwerp, the role of trader at exit is played by the terminal operator.

How does it work?

The declarant or the latter's representative sends an electronic message to the e-Desk, or enters the necessary data manually in the web application. The data set is limited to:

  • Container number
  • MRN number(s)
  • Type of declaration
  • Exit office
  • Terminal operator (if known)

A representative can also send this information directly to the terminal operator by means of a COPINO or IFTSTA message.

When the goods physically arrive on the terminal, the terminal operator checks in e-Desk to see whether there is a match with the container number in the database. If there is, the terminal operator uses this to send notification of arrival to Customs.


  • Great simplification of the Customs process
  • Transparent Customs status on export
  • Declarant can check the notification of arrival
  • Exit notification sent directly by Customs to declarant