Port of Antwerp

Notification of arrival/departure of dangerous goods

Used by the terminal operator to obligatorily notify the Harbourmaster's Office of the arrival or departure of dangerous goods at a container terminal.

The information sent in the declarations by the forwarders and ship's agents is supplemented by means of an IFTDGN message with the actual handling times, using the information in the CODECO and COARRI messages sent by the terminal operators.

How does it work?

Each arrival or departure of goods on the container terminals is notified by the terminal operator to the Harbourmaster's Office by means of the following messages:

  • COARRI/unloading: unloading from a seagoing ship
  • COARRI/loading: loading on board a seagoing ship
  • CODECO/in: arrival on the terminal by truck, barge or rail
  • CODECO/out: departure from the terminal by truck, barge or rail

Who is it for?

  • Port Authority
  • Terminal operator


  • Harbourmaster's office has all the required information in electronic format
  • Arrival on the terminal or departure from the terminal is always notified in real time
  • The safety dossiers of the ships and of the terminals are always up-to-date