Port of Antwerp

SafeSeaNet message

Used by all EU countries plus Norway and Iceland to send and receive maritime information.

SafeSeaNet is a platform for exchanging maritime information on ships and their cargoes between the EU member states, Norway and Iceland. Each member country must be able to provide and call up maritime information by means of this platform. The aim of the platform is to ensure better and faster reaction to incidents and spills, and to permit early detection of risk vessels.

How does it work?

Each country that is a member of the network has a National Competent Authority (NCA). The NCAs communicate with SafeSeaNet by means of XML messages. Communication between each NCA and the LCAs (Local Competent Authority, such as Antwerp Port Authority) is also by XML messages sent over the Central Broker System (CBS). The LCA reports:

  • General ship and routing information
  • Which ships have dangerous goods aboard
  • In case of an incident: an electronic request for detailed information. APICS responds to such a request automatically with a detailed list of all cargo information including stowage positions, based on the IFTDGN declarations by the ship's agent/forwarder


  • Single point of contact
  • Simple method of complying with EU requirements