Port of Antwerp

About C-point

C-point is the platform for efficient digital communication between all players in the port of Antwerp. It supports and streamlines the day-to-day administrative and operational activities.

C-point is an initiative of Antwerp Port Authority and Alfaport Antwerp. C-point is heir to a long tradition of close collaboration, leading to in-depth know-how and user-friendly applications.

Together with NxtPort - which offers data via the technical platform - Cpoint forms a complete package of applications to promote digital communication between all those present in and around the port of Antwerp.

What principles is C-point based on?

C-point is based on the following key concepts:

  1. Cost savings and error reduction
    Electronic communication and one-time data entry lead to lower costs and fewer errors. Furthermore the services involved can process the information quicker.
  2. Confidentiality
    Data ownership remains with the sender of the data. The strictest standards for cyber security are enforced.
  3. Transparency & efficiency
    Cpoint affords transparency of the supply chain. Being able to see the exact status of goods and knowing which stage of processing they are at ensures more efficient and up-to-date scheduling and handling. This in turn results in a more efficient flow of goods between foreland and hinterland.

How does C-point work?

The exchange of information and messages is done using efficient, standardised, easy-to-implement messages.

The platform

Users are able to exchange messages with each other in a simple way via the central platform for electronic communication.

All users are able to log in to the system with unique identification data. They are then able to send and receive messages via the system, to and from their trading partners and the various authorities. Thanks to the message distribution centre, the connection and maintenance costs per user are kept low.

The C-point network supports both EDI and XML variants of the electronic standard messages together with other formats and structured or generated documents.

International standards

In Antwerp all electronic messages are based on international standards. These are open standards that comply with the standards in the logistics world. This ensures that the messages can be exchanged with business partners all over the world.

With C-point, all participating companies comply with the most recent laws and regulations, security standards and environmental requirements.