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ChainPORT hackaton: world ports focus on digital logistics and innovation

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The first-ever chainPORT hackathon is being held this autumn simultaneously in the ports of Antwerp and Los Angeles. For three days and two nights participants will work on creative solutions for the global and local challenges facing the port of the future.


Worldwide effort

The chainPORT project is a unique collaboration between various port authorities around the world, including Antwerp, Barcelona, Busan, Felixstowe, Hamburg, Los Angeles, Montreal, Rotterdam, Shenzhen and Singapore.

It aims to develop advanced processes and technologies that will shape the future of port activities. One of these initiatives is the chainPORT hackathon in which participants from all over the world will collaborate on IT challenges facing ports globally and locally.

11, 12 and 13 October @ Antwerp Expo

For a period of three days Antwerp Expo will be magically transformed into a place where innovation is key to the maritime and logistics sectors. The participants will be given practical problems to solve in the logistics sector, based on the following subjects:

  • Improving mobility by an efficient, sustainable modal shift;
  • Facilitate data sharing between the various ports;
  • Raising the level of safety and security;
  • Raising efficiency by digitising and streamlining the administrative processes;
  • Promoting sustainability, by using data to create synergies between different sources of energy

The aim is to get from an idea to a working concept in the space of three days, with participants and teams being coached by experts in business development. On Saturday afternoon the teams will present their finished solutions to a jury of specialists. The winners will be rewarded with a full-scale academic or B2B coaching programme to further develop their concept.

#ChainportHack18 Antwerp is an initiative of NxtPort, Alfaport Voka and Antwerp Port Authority.

Would you like to take part?

The chainPORT hackathon is open to start-ups, scale-ups, students and companies that would like to get their teeth into the port challenges of tomorrow. 

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