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Launch Community Edition of Application and Users Management (RAV CE)

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On Tuesday 2/11/2021 we will launch a new version of our application 'Application and user management', the uniform access portal for external users to all C-point applications.

Users can also easily request access to additional applications and they can change their personal settings.

Application administrators and company administrators of C-point applications can manage the accesses of companies and (their) users in 'Application and user management'.

This release includes new functionalities that will increase the ease of use of the application. In addition, we have worked hard to improve the performance and security of the system.


What's changing?

  • Simplified access to all your C-point applications with the possibility to indicate favorites
  • Refresher of look &feel
  • More transparency about company main users
  • Introduction of an 'Admin Portal' where all management functionalities for company administrators and application administrators are brought together
  • Increased visibility of companies and their company data for application managers
  • ...

For more information about this release or updated documentation, please visit our website: https://www.c-point.be/nl/download-center.

On the 2nd of november the application will not be accessible due to the upgrade activities. You will still be able to login and reach our community applications. During the upgrade it will not be possible to register or edit accounts and companies.

During the upgrade and afterwards the webadress https://my.portofantwerp.com remains the same. Your login credentials will also remain the same.

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Do you notice that something goes wrong in the application? Do not hesitate to contact support@c-point.be