Port of Antwerp

Berthing dues notification

Used by the ship's agent to inform the Port Authority when bringing a seagoing ship to the port of Antwerp, so that the port dues can be calculated on the basis of the type and quantity of goods loaded or unloaded.

Berthing dues are charged for all seagoing ships calling at the port of Antwerp. This message is used by the ship's agent to specify the type and quantity of goods loaded and unloaded in the port.

How does it work?

The ship's agent declares the quantity of goods loaded and unloaded using the PORT DUES web application. This application offers a declaration template for details of the ship and of the stay in port, taken from the Port Authority's statistics database. This means that only minimum input is required from the agent in order to complete the declaration.

Wat zijn de voordelen?

  • Simple, quick and efficient way of making declarations
  • Details of the ship can be reused from the ship declaration
  • Additional check by selection from the freight statistics
  • Replaces the earlier paper forms
  • No verification documents needed

To consult the rates for the dues, send an email to havenrechten@portofantwerp.com.