Port of Antwerp

Export manifest declaration

Used by the ship's agent when exporting goods, to quickly and easily submit an export manifest to Customs, as required by the EU Export Control System (ECS).

Under the European Export Control System (ECS), the ship's agent has to submit a cargo manifest to the Customs authorities when exporting goods. This gives Customs a clear picture of goods leaving the EU.

How does it work?

The ship's agent sends a CUSCAR message to Customs, listing all the goods that were actually loaded on board. Based on the arrival notification which Customs have received from the terminal operator, Customs can compare the cargo manifest with the export declaration. They can check whether all the goods mentioned on the export declaration have actually left the EU. In the case of containers the container numbers are compared, while for breakbulk and ro/ro the comparison is done on the basis of the permit and the chassis number respectively.

Wat zijn de voordelen?

  • Automation of communication between the ship's agent and Customs
  • Room for Customs to make more efficient use of equipment
  • For the declarant, rapid confirmation of exit