Port of Antwerp

Port Authority Invoices

What is it?

PORT AUTHORITY INVOICES is a web application with that enables customers of the Port Authority to easily consult invoices and credit notes online. Once customers have registered in the application, paper versions of the invoices or credit notes are no longer sent. Also, the Port Authority's duplicate of the invoice or credit note is no longer printed but instead is archived electronically.

How does it work?

Customers wishing to consult their invoices and credit notes for the Port Authority online can register with PORT AUTHORITY INVOICES. This application enables them to look up particular information thanks to extensive filtering capabilities. In addition, ship's agents can call up an electronic ship statement so that they have an overview of all invoices and credit notes for a particular port call.

The advanced electronic signature function guarantees the identity of the person signing thanks to online validation.

What does it cost?

This web application is made available by the Port Authority free of charge.