Port of Antwerp

Stowage position information

Used by the shipping company or terminal operator to exchange stowage plans with one another, with among other things the exact stowage position of the containers, weights and if applicable the class of dangerous goods.

This electronic message is used by shipping companies and terminal operators to exchange stowage plans.

How does it work?

Shipping companies and terminal operators send electronic stowage plans with BAPLIE. This contains the exact stowage positions of the containers, along with their number, weight and if applicable the dangerous goods class or reefer temperature. The terminal operator uses these plans to process the loading and unloading orders (COPRAR message) from the shipping company or ship's agent. Once the containers have been loaded and unloaded, the terminal operator draws up an updated BAPLIE and sends it to the ship's master and to the shipping company.


  • Worldwide standard for exchanging stowage plans