Port of Antwerp

Waste Collection

What is it?

WASTE COLLECTION is a web application in which waste collection facilities must report how much and what types of waste they have collected from a seagoing ship.

How does it work?

Before a waste collection facility can report its collections it must first register in WASTE COLLECTION. Ship's waste reports by the ship's agent are displayed in this application together with details of the ship and of its stay in port

In order to complete the report, the waste collection facility has to supplement this information with among other things the type and quantity of waste and the date of collection. The reports are then submitted to Antwerp Port Authority for approval.

If the waste collection reports are approved, the waste collection facility can then submit a payment request to the Port Authority for a financial contribution calculated on the basis of the type and quantity of waste collected. This contribution is granted by the Port Authority to the ship, but in practice it is paid to the waste collection facility which then deducts it from the amount charged to the ship.

What does it cost?

This web application is made available by the Port Authority free of charge.