Port of Antwerp

COPARN Container announcement message

Who is it for?

  • Shipping company or ship's agent (sender)
  • Container terminal (recipient)

Content of the message

  • The message can be used for original input (create), but also to amend or cancel previous bookings, which is unique to Antwerp.
  • In case of export: the identification of the seagoing ship (main transport) by means of the call sign or IMO number, and the container operator.
  • Information concerning the goods and the way in which they should be handled
  • The containers to be delivered/collected and other details (weights, accompanying references and documents, dangerous substances, the temperature at which the container has to be transported or temporarily stored, any outsize dimensions, etc.)

General principles in Antwerp:

  • Only 1 booking reference per COPARN message. If there are more than one booking references, then a separate COPARN message has to be sent for each.
  • Only 1 container type per COPARN.
  • Each COPARN can only be linked to one trip by a particular ship.