Port of Antwerp

COPRAR Container discharge/loading order message

Who is it for?

  • Shipping company or ship's agent (sender)
  • Container terminal (recipient)

Content of the message

The message can be used as original input (create).


  1. BGM (BeGinning of Message): loading or unloading instruction.
  2. Identification of the seagoing ship, UN/Locode of the port of loading/unloading and the code for the loading/unloading location. and the container operator (3-letter code of the shipping company).
  3. List of containers to be loaded/unloaded together with details such as weights, accompanying reference and documents, temperature at which the container has to be transported or temporarily stored, etc. The latter in particular is very important for perishable goods.

Dangerous goods are coded and reported per container. In the case of loading, the message specifies where the container (empty or full) is to be stowed on board (on deck or below deck).