Port of Antwerp


The Terminalplanner app helps terminal operators in efficiently and digitally scheduling the vessels calling at their terminal.

What is it?

Terminalplanner is a web application that is part of APICS, the port information and control system of the Port of Antwerp. Its a new functionality that helps terminal operators efficiently and digitally plan vessels calling at their terminals.

The main aim of Terminalplanner is to simplify and streamline the labour-intensive planning process for all parties involved, both terminal managers and port planners. This increases efficiency and reduces the risk of errors.

How does it work?

Terminal operators can create their planning directly in the intuitive web application, but it is also possible to upload a planning file from your own system.

When the planning is made, based on an (approved) space request in APICS, it is possible to request the voyage plan of the ship, and the ETD is automatically updated as soon as the ship is included in the departure planning. The recently developed dashboard "Port Planning" gives an overview of all released locks and of the arrival and departure times of sea-going vessels.

Who is it for?

All water-bound terminals in the port of Antwerp can use Terminalplanner after APICS-registration.

What are the advantages?

The use of Terminalplanner offers numerous advantages:

  • Avoidance of double input work
  • More transparent overviews of scheduled vessels
  • Increased efficiency and less chance of errors

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